We provide acoustic ceilings for every space, with ceilings that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the ear.

High sound absorption, high flanking transmission or a perfect balance of both, our high performing acoustical offer can help optimise comfort, intelligibility and privacy to focus the mind and collaborate more effectively. 

Solutions That Are Music to Your Ears


Combining smooth, sanded or fissured mineral surfaces, as well as soft fibre, metal, wood and wood wool solutions with adapted acoustic performances to create the ideal environment, our unique acoustic ceiling panels and tiles ensure the right option for every specification.

Acoustically enhanced suspended ceilings that can change offices, meeting rooms, corridors, classrooms or auditoria into comfortable spaces for intelligible conversation. Heightening concentration, efficiency and well-being, as well as offering the additional benefits such as certified fire protection, high light reflectance or ease of installation and maintenance.

Reverberation time is a measure of how decaying sound persists in a room and it tells us something about how ‘lively’ or ‘lifeless’ a room’s acoustics will be and how loud or quiet noise levels will sound. For any room, depending upon its size and whether it is primarily for speech or music, there shall be an optimum reverberation time range. 

As ceilings help to reduce the transmission of sound from one room to another, our acoustic products use leading technology to achieve the highest values of flanking transmission. Whether you’re designing open plan offices or private spaces for relaxation and reflection, with walls to soffit or simple partitions, we have the design flexibility to help you find the ideal combination of sound absorption and flanking transmission.

Quieten offices to provide thinking space. Bring order to leisure and retail. Transform bustling restaurants into intimate dining experiences. Turn noisy classrooms and cavernous lecture halls into theatres for listening and learning. Create the calm that aids rest and recuperation in hospitals. Enhance living spaces with a greater sense of privacy and well-being. 

Explore our acoustic ceiling solutions
and discover the perfect balance of sight and sound,
beauty and performance.