Let’s Be Clinical About Hygiene


Healthcare environments are under constant scrutiny, going through continual changes to provide the best possible environments for both patients and healthcare professionals. Through the implementation of major investment programmes, the standard of healthcare buildings, medical equipment and patient care is going through constant refinement.  

With the control of biocontamination and disinfection being paramount, Knauf Ceiling Solutions has developed a range of healthcare ceilings that have been built on the dedication required to create a proven solution. Majority of our products are easily cleanable.


Natural daylight has numerous benefits in healthcare environments, such as reducing patient in-time. Shallow plan design, and the continuous plane of a suspended ceiling with high light reflectance, will enable natural light to penetrate far into the building, aiding both patients and staff. 

It is vital healthcare environments meet rigorous safety standards. They need to be safe and accessible for everyone, including those with limited mobility.  

In healthcare premises it’s crucial to focus on antimicrobial performance. With the presence of infectious agents and vulnerable patients, keeping the building as hygienic as possible is fundamental in preventing the spread of disease. 

Clean Rooms 


Clean Rooms are essential for medical research and pharmaceutical production.

They enable different parameters, such as particle number, germ number, temperature, humidity, and pressure to be precisely monitored and controlled. This ensures that the existing air and intake air has a high purity and fulfils all cleanliness criteria.

Using our specialist coating range, these sterile environments can help protect patients and ensure the quality of medical products. 

Armstrong BIOGUARD PLAIN Mineral Ceiling Tile

Dirt Resistant Ceilings (TrioGuard™)


Dirt accumulation not only detracts from a ceiling's appearance but can cost money by requiring higher maintenance or replacement of the ceiling.

In addition to reducing acoustical efficiency, soiling can cause a substantial reduction in light reflectance.

Underground Train Station Ticket Hall Using Armstrong METAL Solutions with TrioGuard™ Coating from Knauf Ceiling Solutions