Leisure & Hospitality

Rest and relaxation is crucial for everyone’s way of life – especially as everyone’s way of life is different. But whatever people get up to in their downtime, their leisure spaces should be as enriching as their pastimes. Sometimes, it’s all about high-tempo sports or hitting the gym. Other times, it’s dining out, heading away for a hotel stay, or simply taking in a film at the cinema.

There’s a huge variety of spaces in which we spend our free time, but all of them share one requirement for design and architecture: creating the right atmosphere to enhance the quality of life. This might take the form of maintaining the right acoustical balance to focus viewers on the movie. It might be flooding fitness studios with light while keeping an effective thermal performance and maximising humidity resistance. Or, it might be designing a hotel as part of a multi-use building in which statement design atria and lobbies give way to cosy, comfortable guest rooms.

For every architectural challenge in leisure and hospitality spaces, there’s an idea to help you achieve it – a solution to make your work easier and more effective. Because let’s face it, everyone deserves a little relaxation.