Tianjin, China

Tianjin Yujiabao Financial District

Variability and Richness of Financial Space

This office area is located in Yujiabao Financial District, Binhai New Area in Tianjin. The focus of the financial office project design is to give consideration to the openness and sharing of space while maintaining sufficient privacy, and the variability and richness of space functions.

In the open working space, "SOUNDSCAPES Shapes" provides an excellent sound absorption solution.

In the leisure zone, Knauf Ceiling Solutions add different embellishments to the monotonous space to inspire employee's creativity.

The meeting room continues the design of the open office area, with the color scheme of white , clean and tidy, meanwhile provides the acoustic performance and protect speech privacy. Simple and exclusive style creates a light and luxurious texture perfectly achieve the expectation.

Project Information

  • Sector: Office
  • Room Type: Office/Open Working Place/leisure zone/Meeting Room
  • Materials: Metal

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