Metal Ceiling Tile

Armstrong Wood Grain Solution

Armstrong Wood Grain Solution have 9 standard wood grain solutions to create different visual effects,China class A fire reaction,ensure safe usage

Available in: China
  • China

Materials & Options

Wood grain effects available on request
Light Bamboo
Dark Bamboo 2G
Dark Cherry 2G
Dark Walnut 2G
Cherry 2G
Light walnut
Maple 2G
Light Maple

Technical Specifications



  • 9 standard wood grain solutions to create different visual effects
  • China class A fire reaction, ensure safe usage
  • Good color fastness and corrosion resistance
  • Wide system application rangeMETALWORKS

Application areas

  • Office
  • Retail & Hospitality
  • Transportation


Fire Reaction
GB8624-2012 Glass A
Galvanised Steel ≅ 3.92 kg/m²
Aluminium ≅ 2.08 kg/m²
Humidity Resistance
Up to 99% RH

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