Suspension System

Armstrong PeakForm SILHOUETTE

PeakForm SILHOUETTE 15 XL² is a suspension system designed to create a crisp, clean look in conjunction with Tegular tiles to provide an enhancded aesthetic.

  • - Staked-on Clip Cross Tee
  • - Main Beam ID (18.82kg/m)
  • - Baked Bolt-Slot System
  • - 45mm Main Beam Peakform
  • - Rotary-stitched
Available in: China
  • China

Details & Options

PeakForm SILHOUETTE 45mm Main Beam/Cross Tee
PeakForm SILHOUETTE 45mm Main Beam/Cross Tee
PeakForm SILHOUETT 15mm Bolt-Slot Systeml 45mm
PeakForm SILHOUETT Main Beam 45mm
PeakForm SILHOUETT Cross Tee 45mm
SILHOUETTE 38mm Main Beam/Cross Tee
SILHOUETTE 38mm Main Beam/Cross Tee
SILHOUETTE 15mm Bolt-Slot System 38mm
SILHOUETTE Main Beam 38mm
SILHOUETTE Cross Tee 38mm
Angle Molding
Angle Molding
Shadow Molding
Shadow Molding


SILHOUETTE 15mm Bolt-Slot System 38mm
PeakForm SILHOUETTE 45mm
PeakForm SILHOUETTE 15mm Bolt-Slot Systeml 45mm

Technical Specifications



  • Rotary-stitched during manufacture by a patented method for additional torsional  strength and extra stability during installation; maintains size and shape of reveal when cutting perimeter tees
  • PeakForm® patented profile increases strength and stability for improvedperformance during installation
  • The performance of the Armstrong Seismic RXTM Suspen-sion System is based on the specific combination of components and method of installation.
  • XL staked-on end detail provides secure locked connection
  • Choice of black and white reveal

Application Areas

  • Offices/Hospitality/Schools/Retails/Entertainment

Physical data

  • Material:Double-web hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Surface Finish:Baked polyester paint
  • Cross Tee / Main Bean Interface:Mitered
  • End Detail:Main beam: Coupling/Cross tee: XL
  • Intermediate duty ID/Light duty LD


18.82 kg/m
Recycled Content
Dry Cloth

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