Metal Wall Panel

Armstrong Metalworks Wall W-H 1000/1100W(W-H1200)

MetalWorks Wall Systems - W-H 1000 & W-H 1100 provide variety of customised design solutions & versatile applications. Complete acoustic wall solution. Large module sizes with upright & reclined panel options.  

W-H1200: Multiple composite panels enhance interior tiarmonious lookings,user-friendly suspension system design

Available in: China
  • China

Materials & Options

Global White
Global White(Bioguard)
RAL 9006
RAL 9007
RAL 9010
RAL colors available on request
Wood grain effects available on request
Unpeforation M1
Perforation Rg3918 (18% Open area)
Perforation Rg5514 (14% Open area)
Perforation Rg6335 (35% Open area)
Perforation Rg8035 (35% Open area)
Perforation Rv3921 (20,8% Open area)
Perforation Rv6017 (16.6% Open area)
Perforation Rv8040 (40.3% Open area)
Panel(A) Length: from 600 to 1300mm; Width: from 275 to 1000mm
Panel(B) Length: from 1301 to 2500mm; Width: from 275 to 1000mm
Panel(C) Length: from 2501 to 3000mm; Width: from 275 to 1000mm
Panel(D) Length: from 600 to 3000mm; Width: from 275 to 1000mm

Technical Specifications



  • Variety of customised design solutions & versatile applications
  • Impressive visual appearance
  • Complete acoustic wall solution
  • Large module sizes with upright & reclined panel options
  • Certified system, Small offset distance, Space saving, Light-weight type
  • Simple & quick installation (alignment) and disassembling, Standard subconstruction & Cost efficient.

Application areas

  • Acoustic element for market segments such as office, education, transportation etc.
  • Cladding or covering element
  • Architectural room-design element
  • Combination of different requirements


Sound Absorption
Fire Reaction
GB8624-2012 Glass A
Galvanised Steel ≅ 8.86 kg/m²
Aluminium ≅ 22.16 kg/m²
Humidity Resistance
Up to RH99%
Recycled Content
Up to 30%

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