Metal Ceiling Canopy

Armstrong Metalworks D-H 700

METAL D-H 700 are floating modular solutions for optimum flexibility. The product range features Clip-In and Hook-On rectangular panels that can be arranged to create distinctive design elements. It allows a minimal-height installation without any extra engineering required.

Available in: China
  • China

Materials & Options

Global White
Global White(Bioguard)
RAL 9003
RAL 9016
RAL 9010
RAL 9006
RAL colors available on request
Wood grain effects available on request
Standard Perforation M10 (16% Open area)
Micro Perforation M9 (9.6% Open area)
Micro Perforation M2 (19.1% Open area)
Extra Micro Perforation M3 (1.5% Open area)
Unperforation M1
Width: from 250-600mm X Length: from 600-2750mm

Technical Specifications



  • Concealed suspension ideal for cloud applications
  • Accessible system utilizes U-profile and hook-on panels
  • Excellent acoustic performance, can improve the indoor acoustic comfort index
  • Floating shape, outstanding visual effect

Customer Values

  • Wide variety of perforations and colors
  • Large size with metal acoustic absorption ceilings, seamless effect
  • Low cost on installation and maintenance

Application areas

  • Offices, meeting rooms, retail, auditoriums, multi-purpose halls, cafeterias.


Sound Absorption
Fire Reaction
GB8624-2012 Glass A
Humidity Resistance
Up to RH99%
Recycled Content
Up to 30%

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