Armstrong Huiyi R24 Flat Face Standard Grid

Huiyi R24 suspension system is an econimic and exposed 24mm "tee" grid,suitable for square edge ceiling panels.

- Rotary-stitched

Available in: China
  • China

Details & Options

Huiyi R24 Main Beam
Huiyi R24 Main Beam
Huiyi R24 Cross Tee
Huiyi R24 Cross Tee
Angle molding
Angle Molding


Huiyi R24 Flat Face Standard Grid system
Huiyi R24 Flat Face Standard Grid

Technical Specifications



  • Rotary-stitched, for torsional strength and stability
  • Hot dipped galvanized coating inhibits red rusting
  • Unique connection design for easier installation
  • Accurate grid size for best installation effect

Application Areas

  • Commercial buldings
  • Mass merchandising
  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Education

Physical data

  • Material:Double-web hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Surface Finish:Baked Polyester paint 
  • Cross Tee/Main Beam Interface:Overridey
  • End Detail: Main Beam:Intergral Cross Tee:Intergral
  • Exposed tee system
  • Light duty


7.4 kg/m
Recycled Content
Dry Cloth

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