Mineral Ceiling Tile

Armstrong DUNE

Armstrong DUNE features a microperforated, finely sanded surface, offering good levels of sound absorption and sound attenuation.

Available in: China
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Materials & Options

Armstrong DUNE
600 x 600 mm / 24" x 24"
1200 x 600 mm / 48" x 24"
Board Edge Detail
Tegular 24 Edge Detail
Tegular 15/90 BE Edge Detail

Technical specifications



  • Good light reflectance (85%)

Application Areas

  • Ideal for Office, Retail, Education environments


Sound Absorption
NRC = 0.50
Sound Attenuation
CAC = 33dB
Light Reflectance
Fire Reaction
US: Class 1-Flame Spread 25 or Under
BS476 part 6v & 7 Class 0 / Class 1
GB8624-2012 B1
BOARD: 3.8 kgs / m² (O.78 lbs/SF)
TEGULAR: 4.0 kgs / m² (O.82 lbs/SF)
Thermal Conductivity
R Factor-1.5(BTU units)
R Factor-0.26(Watts units)
Humidity Resistance
Clean Room
Recycled Content
Scratch Resistant
Water repellent

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