Suspension System

Armstrong SL2 Plank Grid

SL2 grid system is a clean and minimun exposed grid,simple panel removal and fully accessibility

  • - Superlock main beam clip 
  • - Rotary-stitched
  • - 43mm Main Beam Peakform
Available in: China
  • China

Details & Options

SL2 Plank Grid
SL2 Peakform Prelude Main Beam
SL2 Aluminum Modular Grid
SL2 Concealed T Shape Cross Tee 35H
SL2 Concealed T Shape Cross Tee 43H
SL2 Stabilizer Bar
SL2 Hanger Wire


SL2 Plank Grid
SL2 Plank Grid

Technical Specifications



  • SL2 system is applicable for plank ceiling systems
  • Easy to remove and relocate
  • Rotary-stitched during manufacture by a patented method for additional torsional strength and extra stability during installation:
  • System is engineered and designed to fit and provide a finish to coordinate with Armstrong Ceilings

Application Areas

  • Offices
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Healthcare spaces
  • Education

Physical data

  • Material:Double-web hot dipped galvanized steel/high quality aluminum


Peakform Prelude Main Beam 22 kg/m - Aluminum 9.8 kg/m
Recycled Content
Aluminum: 50%
Dry Cloth

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